The prompt of this “Set an intention for today” and “Heart” doesn´t that sound wonderful? I think so. Whatever intention you set for the day, it should resonate with your own heart.

When I painted the heart, I used my favorite color Acrylic Ink, I love the see how the soft and smooth acrylic ink blends into the water and create its own flow. I think its similar with setting the intention of the day, to take the best that you got, at the moment and let it flow into your day, not trying to control everything and decide what is good and what is bad, just enjoy the mix of the day. When we let go of our minds expectations we most likely won´t get disappointed either.

Don´t you agree, that when we have an attachment to the outcome we might become more disappointed than when we don´t have an attachment and just enjoy the flow of the day. That does not mean that we should not have dreams or visions about the future or day, but that we should follow the flow of life as it appears to us.