Ayurveda wellness coaching

In a world full of diets, changing from time to time,  do you feel confused which one to choose? Do you need advice on how to change your daily routines so that You can feel healthy?

Ayurveda health coaching session helps you to know what is your dosha, and what food is the most suitable for your constitution.

During the consultation you will also recieve advices about your daily life, emotional and mental health as well as your diet.
In order to find out your dominating dosha I will ask you about complaints and symptoms, as well as the duration of discomfort and disease progression, and  also inquires about mental and psychological conditions.

Do you live far from Jakobstad? No problem.
Health coaching can also be done via skype and e-mail or Facebook,
I will then send you the  questions about your routines and your health and lifestyle, you will send them back to me, and we will make an appointment to talk via skype. After this I will email you advices, suggestions for lifestyle changes and some recipes.

Book a time for your wellbeing today.