The prompt on day 4 is Bones / Be still and that is what happened to me last summer, I never expected it to happen but I fell, and I broke my leg. I have fallen before and nothing has ever happened to me so I think I got a chock and I probably on a subconscious level got very dissapointed in myself and my body. After this accident I really had to be still for 10 weeks, and all my creative inspiration was gone, I did not feel like painting or reading and other things was very difficult to do too.

But now I understand when you hit the wall, when your energy level is low and there is nothing that gives you inspiration, it is so easy to feel burnt out and all you can do is be still and accept what is, because this too will pass, and so it did. Today I am full of inspiration and my creativity is a part of my daily life and for that I am ever so grateful.