giveAyurveda holistic approach to health and wellbeing

My name is Britt-Marie and I am the owner of Lotus Energy,  I always had a great interest  alternative medicine and human health, personal developement and spirituality,since I first got to know about meditation, and reiki in 1990´s .

My life really changed for the better in 2000 when I was introduced to  Ayurveda and its holistic approach to the human wellbeing. I found a tool to create balans in my physical and emotional health through a more balanced lifestyle that is  appropriate for my dosha.

I am a Reiki Master since 1999 and I give courses on all 3 levels in Reiki on regular basis. Learn more about Reiki here

I also started to study Feng Shui, and it is such a powerful tool to reenergize your  space by taking the 5 elements into consideration. Learn more about how I can help you create a beautiful harmonious home or workspace with Feng Shui here

My real passion is teaching Ayurveda to both small and bigger groups of people who are interested in improving their own health, and in  individual consultations to coach you to a better lifestyle and health.

What can I do for you? I can help you find out your physical and emotional dosha. Knowing your dosha will then give you a deeper understanding  for which  diet is most suitable for you, what lifestyle changes you can do in your own life to improve your health and your life for the better. Learn more about Ayurveda here

My humble thank you for inviting me to be a part of your journey towards health and happiness


What is your Dosha?