Courses online and at Lotus Energy

Basic Ayurveda-online course

In this course Ayurveda -the balance of the year, with 7 modules, you will learn more about yourself and your dosha.

You will learn what food, exercise and lifestyle are best for you. After the course you will have shopping lists for the foods that suit you and your family, these tips make it easier for you to integrate Ayurveda into your everyday life

No prior knowledge required. However, you need access to email and preferably Facebook as the course is via a closed Facebook group.

Ayurveda food and healthy digestion

The importance of flavors and how they affect the digestion both physically and emotionally. During the course you will receive many practical advice and tips and recipes for better digestion with regard to your dosha.

Online course where you can ask questions through a closed Facebook group, study the course material via video clips and pdf files.

Course on physical location The content of the course is structured in the same way, but we also make some dishes for Vata, Pitta and Kapha during the course of the day, the cost of ingredients will be added.


Feng Shui online course

Does your home reflect you and your future dreams?

Is the home a place where you feel that your body is getting energy or does your home feel more like a project that never ends? During  the Feng Shui online course, which includes 10 modules, you get help organizing and creating harmony and blend in each room.

You get personal advice for just your home so your home can start to reflect your and your family’s energy. We review how each room affects your energy and how these energies can be improved in an easy and sustainable manner.


 Women’s Health from Ayurveda’s perspective

Women’s Health from Ayurveda’s perspective   During this online course you will learn how to use the knowledge. Ayurveda can improve your health and how you as a woman can create more balance in your life by living in harmony with nature and moon phases.

We review the concepts Vata, Pitta o Kapha and what distinguishes these doshas and how you as a woman can find your balance when you follow nature and the age you are in. We also look at how to handle any imbalances that occur in the different phases of life.

We do self-test where we find out which constitution we belong to, so no prior knowledge is required.