Welcome to my blog

I want to invite you to join me in the journey of self understanding

It probably started long ago, but when my friend, in december 1999 told me that she was going to India with some friends, something inside me woke up and I could hear myself saying “I want to join you”.

My friends where going to an Ashram near Bangalore, I wasn´t familiar with the concept of ashram, and I did not have any knowledge about the Guru they where about to see, I just knew I had to go to India.

indienAfter a few weeks at the Ashram, I felt I needed to see more of India, and just like so many times before, it is there in front of you “Ask and it shall be give” I saw an add for an Ayurveda Spa.

So we all went there and spent some wonderful days at the Ayurveda Spa, and things where never the same after that…. I really found what I had been looking for,  Ayurveda,  “the science of life” Ayurveda is a ~7000 year old system of Natural Healing that has its origin in Vedic culture of India

Please join me on this journey with Ayurvea