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I am doing two challenges this spring on Instagram, one is called #30 days of feeling free by Beth Kempton and the other is a painting challenge by Connie Solera #21emBody, and itĀ“s great how these two different challenges can be brought together.

I am going to share with you some of my thoughts around these projects and I hope you join me on this journey.

IĀ“m not going to start with day 1 here but jump right into day 3. “Forgive yourself” is the prompt in 30days of feeling free, and “Back” is the prompt in emBody. How do these two relate to each other? As you too might now, if we donĀ“t give our attention to the feelings and the hurt we feel, it will eventually make its mark in the body, and the back carry a lot of emotions. The lower back is connected to financial problems, fear and security. If we feel the lack of financial security we often get lower back pain.

The middle of the back is connected to emotional support. Did you ever feel that you lack emotional support in your life? Or did you feel that you didnĀ“t have the courage to stand up for yourself in some situation? That might be the source of your backpain, and that is why it is so important to forgive yourself. To understand that whatever you did, you did your best with what you had at that time in your life, and so did everyone else. We can not give from an empty cup.

The shoulders are connected to the obligations, and burdens. Do you feel that there are too many demands in your work or daily life?

ItĀ“s wonderful how the body really speak to us, if we only listen.