“Every cloud has a silver lining” is something that is often said to  comfort those who  have some problems, but in fact it is true most of the time. We don´t always see the meaning and purpose of what is happening when we are right in the middle of it all, but as we move forward and take a look in the back mirror we can understand the deeper meaning of what was going on.

During this time many people are struggling with their money, work etc, and as I usually have many clients during the summer, this year was very different… almost none came  to treatments. If it´s because the summer in Finland was sunny and just wonderful, or if it´s because we are being told by the media that it is and will be some difficult times when it comes to economy people are trying to cut down on things they can cut down on, I don´t know.

What I do know is that I felt I needed to put my energy on something, and that is when I decided to take an online course in art. And what a joy that is, so far I have painted about 25 paintings, and I actually sold one the other day 🙂 But the most wonderful thing about painting is that, it makes me feel connected to the healing energy both within me and the universe.

How do you express your creativity? And do you remember to tap into that creative energy when you need it the most or do you forget how wonderful you just might feel after playing that instrument, painting that color or singing that song?